Commercial Building Energy Audit Standards - ASHRAE level I and II

If you’re in the energy audit business, you know about the ASHRAE level guidelines for commercial building energy audits. In particular, ASHRAE Standard 211-2018, Standard for Commercial Building Energy Audits, which was issued on May 1, 2018.  Not only is this the most comprehensive standard for energy audits, but it is also a reference for regulatory, compliance-driven audits.

You’ll be glad to know that EMAT is all over it.  In fact, when EMAT 1.0 was developed, it was optimized for an ASHRAE Level II audit.  And EMAT’s next-generation audit tool, EMAT Field Auditor, is extremely flexible and can handle Level I, Level II,  and any other kind of energy audit you need to perform.

Not only is EMAT Field auditor capable, but so is the EMAT energy auditing team.  EMAT auditors have conducted ASHRAE Level II, Level I, HVAC, Lighting, and numerous other custom audits on tens of millions of square feet of just about every kind of facility you can think of, such as:

The EMAT energy auditing team has the experience, knowledge, and capabilities (and the EMAT software tool) to handle all of your energy audit needs.  Check out the benefits of using EMAT Audit Services, and a quick sample of some of our audit projects.

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