Why EMAT Auditing Services?

Your days are packed with all the things you need to get done to keep business running as usual, you can’t possibly add something new. And when that something new is learning how to complete an energy audit on your buildings, or figuring out a new software for energy audit data?

You need a better solution.

EMAT’s Audit Services gives you the comprehensive energy audit you need without interrupting your schedule. We can handle all or part of your energy audit, based on your needs, and our trained auditors can give you and your team on-site training with EMAT software.

With EMAT Audit Services, you can:

  • Significantly cut the cost of your energy audits.
  • Reduce time spent on audits, between on-site data collection and report delivery.
  • Maintain high-quality data collection and reporting.
  • Achieve consistent methodology, analysis, and reporting for all your audits.
  • Customize reports and file outputs to meet your needs.
  • Receive on-the-job training of your energy auditors.
  • Fully implement EMAT software, including leveraging and integrating your existing systems and technologies as much as possible.
  • Centralize all your audit data, and develop custom global data reports.
  • Smoothly transition to EMAT – EMAT engineers can get EMAT software up and running, develop custom reports, integrate EMAT audit data with your existing systems, train your energy auditors, then turn the entire operation over to you.
  • Find flexible solutions to all your energy auditing needs, with EMAT auditors handling a portion or all of your audit.
  • Get custom quoting based on the unique needs of your project.

Need some extra support through the energy auditing process?

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