Energy Auditing for Warehouses

Warehouses are huge and often have a lot of open space. This can lead to excessive energy use and a huge potential for waste. Cutting your energy usage in your warehouse space is essential to bringing your costs down and decreasing your business’s impact on the environment. In order for you to identify areas where you can improve, you’ll need energy auditing services that can be customized for warehouses.

Allow EMAT to help! We work with all three levels of energy audits recognized by the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air Conditioning (ASHRAE):

ASHRAE Level 1 Energy Audits for Warehouses

Conducting a Level 1 audit gives you the most basic, least expensive, and least intensive look at your building’s energy usage. This audit includes:

  • Interviews with key operations personnel
  • Reviews of your facility’s utility bills
  • A walk-through of your site

This level of audit is meant to show any glaring areas of energy inefficiency. You’ll be able to identify the free or low-cost improvements you can make quickly.

ASHRAE Level 2 Energy Audits for Warehouses

A Level 2 energy audit includes:

  • A breakdown of your building’s energy consumption to identify areas that offer the greatest opportunities for efficiency improvement
  • An analysis of your utility rates to find opportunities to secure lower rates
  • Interviews with important building personnel to understand your building operations and any problem areas
  • Defining your financial and non-financial goals

This audit level represents more intense data collection and reporting, allowing you to move forward with larger, more expensive energy-saving projects.

ASHRAE Level 3 Energy Audits for Warehouses

A Level 3 audit may be right for you if you need more data or want to analyze specific areas of your energy usage.

This audit level offers an advanced field of data gathering. Your data is analyzed more intensely to find all possible areas of improvement, regardless of their complexity or cost. Because of this, you can identify any potential costs and payoffs that may result from your energy efficiency efforts.

Completing each of the three ASHRAE energy audits gives you a full picture of your warehouse space’s opportunities and liabilities so you can take proper action.

Audit Your Warehouse Space With EMAT Field Auditor

Collecting and analyzing data on your warehouse’s energy usage has never been easier with EMAT Field Auditor. Our cloud-based software lets you collect data, take photos, and save everything while you’re in the field. Customizable templates let you create the audit report you need, no matter how large your space.

Call EMAT today to learn how we can help you audit your warehouse’s energy usage and identify improvements you can make.

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