The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) recognizes three levels of energy audits.

Beginning with Level 1, the levels are ranked based on how intense they are and what outcome you can expect from the audit.

What Is an ASHRAE Level 3 Audit?

A Level 3 audit builds on the findings and recommendations from a Level 2 audit. It offers a more in-depth engineering analysis of potential changes.

Detailed data is gathered in the field and intensely analyzed to expose areas of improvement and their potential costs.

Any existing data you have on utilities is supplemented by sub-metering of the consumption of key systems, such as HVAC. It also helps to monitor the individual characteristics of those systems.

The report that comes from a Level 3 audit offers a better baseline which allows you to compare any energy and operating savings both pre- and post-implementation.

When Should You Complete a Level 3 Audit?

An ASHRAE Level 3 audit is for businesses that have already completed a Level 2 audit and identified capital cost projects they want to undertake, but need more data before making an investment.

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