Having developed the EMAT software tool and conducted audits on tens of millions of square feet of commercial building space, EMAT knows the energy audit process as well as anyone.  And because we know it so well, we’re equipped to help you in the specific areas that you need help with, including data collection.

EMAT Energy Audit Flow Chart | Data Collection Services

Key advantages to letting EMAT handle your onsite data collection

  • Significant experience auditing all kinds of facilities, so we won’t be surprised or slowed down by anything.
  • EMAT can collect data for energy audits, property condition assessments, and other audit types.
  • Reduced costs and smart resource allocation – your senior engineers can stay back at the office and review the data in near real-time as EMAT engineers collect it.
  • Reduce costs more – because we developed the EMAT software tool and we are the best at using it. Nobody is more efficient and cost-competitive for data collection than EMAT.
  • Rapid response – if you’re in a crunch, EMAT engineers can respond fast. Often within a week or two, and EMAT has even responded with only days’ notice.
  • White label service – we’re happy to do the work while you get the credit and the visibility. EMAT engineers can show up at the site, throw on your company polo, and get to work. Or, if you’re an EMAT software user, we’ll just log into your EMAT system.

The EMAT energy auditing team has the experience, knowledge, and capabilities (and the EMAT software tool) to handle all your energy audit data collection needs.  Check out all the benefits of using EMAT Audit Services, and a quick sample of some of our audit projects.

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