After observing energy auditors returning from the field with disorganized, handwritten notes, paper floor plans, and photos taken on cameras, the developers that would become EMAT decided they could do better.

Development on EMAT – Efficient Mobile Audit Technology – began in 2013 with programmers and energy auditors working side-by-side to create a solution to the problem of inefficient, outdated, expensive energy auditing. In 2015, EMAT v 1.1 became available to the public.

In a quest to continually improve energy auditing software, making it more efficient and produce better reports, EMAT again went into development for EMAT Field Auditor. This newest iteration of EMAT was designed to be more accessible, smarter, and more customizable to serve the growing needs of businesses requiring energy auditing.

In addition to EMAT’s auditing software, our team of skilled energy auditors is available for on-site audits to give you the data you need without spending employee time gathering it.

EMAT continues to innovate, always looking to improve reporting accuracy, efficiency, and improve budgetary margins for our clients.

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