The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) has three levels of energy audits.

These levels, beginning with a Level 1 audit, are ranked based on how intense they are and what type of outcome you can expect after completing the audit.

What Is an ASHRAE Level 1 Audit?

An ASHRAE Level 1 audit is the most basic level of audit, often called the “walk-through analysis.” This type of audit provides businesses with a starting point to make changes or complete more in-depth audits.

The auditor takes a high-level view of a commercial building’s energy usage and operations.

Tasks completed during a Level 1 audit include:

  • Interviewing key operations personnel
  • Reviewing facility utility bills
  • Walking through the site

An ASHRAE Level 1 audit is meant to identify any glaring areas of energy inefficiency. Data gathered is compiled into a report that lists no- or low-cost changes that can be made to the building, along with any other potential capital improvements that require further study.

When Should You Complete a Level 1 Audit?

If you are considering making energy improvements to your commercial building, you need a baseline to see where you’re at now, so you can measure the effectiveness of any improvements you make.

Conducting a Level 1 audit can give your stakeholders a snapshot of where your building currently stands on energy consumption, how it compares to other similar facilities, and what areas require further investigation or improvement. 

If your business is in the beginning stages of improving your energy efficiency, or if you are finding it a challenge to “sell” the need to make energy improvements to your stakeholders, a Level 1 audit can give you a good starting point.

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