Energy Audits for Hotels

Managing energy efficiency for an entire hotel can be a difficult task, particularly if the building is old or relies on outdated infrastructure. But the good news is that EMAT offers energy audits for hotels and other commercial buildings.

Our cloud-based software is available to help you locate, measure, and remove areas of energy waste in your hotel building.

It all starts with an audit, and from there you can create an educated action plan. Not only will these improvements be good for the environment, but they will also help lower your energy bill and increase your profits! 

ASHRAE Level 1 Audits for Hotels

The most basic type of audit recognized by the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) is called Level 1.

Your hotel building’s ASHRAE Level 1 audit will include:

  • Interviews of key operations personnel
  • Reviews of your facility’s utility bills
  • A walk-through of the site

The goal of this step is to establish an overall energy plan and locate glaring areas of inefficiency. This report will identify low- or no-cost improvements, as well as long-term goals. 

ASHRAE Level 2 Audits for Hotels

The ASHRAE Level 2 audit provides more intensive data collection and reporting. This step of the audit will include:

  • A breakdown of energy consumption by end-use to identify areas that present the greatest opportunities for improved efficiency
  • An analysis of utility rates to find opportunities for a lower rate
  • Interviews with important building personnel to gain insight in building operations, potential problem areas, and to define financial and non-financial goals

After this step, hotel owners can have confidence moving forward with more costly energy-saving renovations.

ASHRAE Level 3 Audits for Hotels

The third level of the ASHRAE audit system provides a more long-term analysis of the data. This allows for the most confidence with investing in the most expensive energy saving projects.

At this stage of the process, you will be able to compare the cost of operation before implementing waste-reduction measures and after implementation. 

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EMAT Field Auditing Software for Hotels & More!

If you are looking for a fast and easy way to audit your hotel building, look no further than EMAT Field Auditing Software!

This cloud-based software allows you to take photos, capture data, and make notes as you survey the building. Save time, money, frustration, and collect more accurate information, with EMAT.

We also offer real-world technical support for every step of the way, including the option to have us conduct the entire audit for you. Call now to learn more!

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