EMAT energy engineers have conducted data analysis and reporting on pretty much every type of facility there is.  That level of experience and capability (including CEM on staff) was critical to being able to build the EMAT suite of software products, and it’s available to you.  Send us the data, let us know what you need, and EMAT will take it from there.

EMAT Energy Audit Flow Chart

EMAT analysis and reporting capabilities

  • Utility usage and benchmarking
  • Load profile
  • Energy intensity
  • ECM development and calculations
  • Full report development
  • ASHRAE compliant

The EMAT energy auditing team has the experience, knowledge, and capabilities (and the EMAT software tool) to handle all your energy audit needs, including data analysis and report generation.  Check out all the benefits of using EMAT Audit Services, and a quick sample of some of our audit projects.

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