EMAT Energy Audit Software Development Team

Designed by Energy Auditors, for Energy Auditors

The EMAT energy audit software is designed and developed by a two-company team, a cooperative effort between an energy audit firm and a technology firm.

  • Highly experienced energy engineers (CEM, CEMi, CEAM)
  • Software/hardware engineers with significant experience developing tablet/cloud solutions


Ken Malnar- CEO of EMAT Energy Audit Software

Ken Malnar – CEO

Stephen Elliott – Lead Engineer / Project Manager

Stephen Elliott – Lead Engineer / Project Manager

Dustin Bane – Lead Business Development / Energy Engineer

Dustin Bane – Lead Business Development / Energy Engineer

Kenny Winsor – Programmer

Mike VanSlyke - EMAT IT Infrastructure Support

Mike Van Slyke – IT Infrastructure Support

Andy Smith - EMAT Energy Audit's Lead Communications Liaison

Andy Smith – Lead Communications

Dave Wood – Energy Engineer


Jeremy Malnar – Engineering Consultant, CEM, CEAM, CEMi

Jordan Smith- EMAT Energy Audit Software Project Manager

Jordan Smith – Engineering Consultant