Cut energy audit reporting time in half

EMAT does more for less


EMAT's tablet/cloud system increases quality and reduces audit time from start to finish.
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Secure Data

All EMAT data is frequently backed up, synchronized, and securely stored in a cloud database.
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The Right Support Team

EMAT is jointly developed by a team of energy engineers and IT experts.
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Test Drive EMAT Energy Audit Software Today

You’re into energy efficiency. Take EMAT energy audit software for a test drive and see for yourself how nice it handles! Contact us today and we’ll set up your test drive remotely, all you need is a tablet. EMAT energy audit software runs on any tablet – iPad, Microsoft Surface and Android.





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EMAT (Efficient Mobile Auditing Technology) provides tablet-to-cloud solutions for energy auditors and organizations who want to significantly decrease the time and costs of conducting energy audits, while at the same time increasing audit quality and efficiency.

EMAT uses cutting-edge tablet and web technology to help auditors move quickly through the entire auditing process – preparation, data collection, data organization and analysis, and report development. As a result, energy auditors can conduct more audits while consistently delivering higher-quality audit analysis and reports. Organizations that leverage EMAT’s capabilities can improve their bottom line by spending less on energy audits, which frees up capital that can be used to complete energy projects and reduce energy costs.

EMAT is jointly developed and maintained by a team of energy engineers with years of energy auditing experience (CEM, CEAM, LEED AP), and IT experts with extensive experience developing complex tablet-based data collection solutions.



Who Should Use EMAT?

Professionals and Organizations that provide Energy Audits

  • Higher efficiency and lower level of effort for all phases
  • Less time from onsite audit to final report delivery
  • Can do more audits in same amount of time
  • Lower costs lead to increased margins and profits
  • Can translate cost benefits to competitive advantage over others using more labor intensive processes
  • Standardized collection/analysis/reporting process results in high quality reports, professional image, and less time in revision cycle
  • Benefit from continuing EMAT enhancements based on feedback from EMAT community

Organizations and Government Agencies that Require Energy Audits

By selecting vendors that use EMAT or using EMAT in-house, organizations will improve their bottom line by:

  • Spending less for energy audits
  • Freeing up capital that can be used to implement energy projects with the lowest payback period and highest ROI
  • Reducing energy footprint and costs over the long run, again freeing up capital that can be used for other facility improvements or new construction

Property Managers

Lighting Retrofit Companies

Public Utilities