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EMAT's tablet/cloud system increases quality and reduces audit time from start to finish.
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Secure Data

All EMAT data is frequently backed up, synchronized, and securely stored in a cloud database.
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The Right Support Team

EMAT is jointly developed by a team of energy engineers and IT experts.
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Latest News & Updates


EMAT Energy Audit Software Hits New Milestone

Firms leveraging EMAT have audited over 24 million square feet, and counting!

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EMAT Featured in July/August Issue of Business Energy Magazine

Business Energy Magazine features EMAT Energy Audits

The EMAT team was recently interviewed by Business Energy Magazine for a featured article on building envelope technology and energy conservation. You can check out the article in the magazine, or online here:



NYC LL87: Energy Audits & Retro-commissioning

EMAT Audit Services is fully qualified, licensed, and able to provide the energy audit and data required for your LL87 compliance report to the NYC Department of Buildings. Read More…



City of Atlanta Announces Mandatory Building Energy Benchmarking

Earlier this year, the Atlanta City Council unanimously passed legislation requiring the benchmarking of commercial building energy use. This ordinance will use cost-effective energy efficiency opportunities to spur local economic development, create thousands of jobs, improve public health, and reduce the city’s overall environmental footprint.The city will require periodic energy audits and potential improvements to existing building equipment and functions. Using these tools, the City projects that the ordinance will drive a 20 percent reduction in commercial energy consumption by the year 2030. Read More…



EMAT Energy Audit Software Selected for Use by FEMA

FEMA Uses EMAT for Energy Auditing

EMAT is proud to announce that our energy audit software has been selected for use by FEMA for conducting building energy audits.



Get All the Benefits of EMAT Without Doing It Yourself

EMAT’s energy audit software significantly cuts the time and cost of conducting energy audits – and it makes sense that nobody can be more efficient with EMAT than the team of energy engineers that built it. Do you have pending audits that could benefit from EMAT today? The EMAT energy engineering team is available to you. Learn More..





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EMAT (Efficient Mobile Auditing Technology) provides tablet-to-cloud solutions for energy auditors and organizations who want to significantly decrease the time and costs of conducting energy audits, while at the same time increasing audit quality and efficiency.

EMAT uses cutting-edge tablet and web technology to help auditors move quickly through the entire auditing process – preparation, data collection, data organization and analysis, and report development. As a result, energy auditors can conduct more audits while consistently delivering higher-quality audit analysis and reports. Organizations that leverage EMAT’s capabilities can improve their bottom line by spending less on energy audits, which frees up capital that can be used to complete energy projects and reduce energy costs.

EMAT is jointly developed and maintained by a team of energy engineers with years of energy auditing experience (CEM, CEAM, LEED AP), and IT experts with extensive experience developing complex tablet-based data collection solutions.



Who Should Use EMAT?

Professionals and Organizations that conduct Energy Audits

  • Significantly increase efficiency and reduce costs for all phases of the audit
  • Significantly decrease time from onsite data collection to audit report delivery
  • Leverage existing resources – do more audits in same amount of time, and better match audits tasks to employee skills and qualifications levels (e.g., technical level onsite data collection vs. engineer level data review and analysis)
  • Lower costs and higher efficiencies leads to increased margins and profits
  • Gain competitive advantage over non-EMAT users
  • Ensure consistently high quality deliverables by standardizing audit methodology, process and reporting
  • Centralize all energy audit data for advanced analysis and even greater efficiency
  • Benefit from continuing EMAT enhancements based on feedback from EMAT community

Organizations and Government Agencies that Require Energy Audits

By selecting vendors that use EMAT or using EMAT in-house, organizations can:

  • Save significant time and money on energy audits
  • Apply saved money towards low-payback, high-ROI energy projects, or other facility priorities
  • Meet energy related regulatory requirements in the most cost-effective manner possible
  • Standardize energy audit methodology and reporting across the organization
  • Ensure consistency and quality of data, analysis and reports across the organization, no matter who conducts the audit
  • More accurately measure, analyze and report performance and progress towards energy management goals