Gains in energy efficiency need to be measured, and that involves an energy audit. The practice of energy auditing has advanced in recent years. For example, auditors now have access to cloud-based systems, such as those offered by EMAT (Efficient Mobile Auditing Technologies), a Frederick, MD-based company with a tablet-to-cloud technology that cuts the time and cost of conducting energy audits by 50% or more.

“This product is meant to give you the capability to do everything that a Level II ASHRAE audit would include,” says EMAT’s CEO, Ken Malnar. “That includes data collection, calculation, and report generation. The information is segmented for different capabilities. If you just wanted to use it for the data collection side to organize data and send it back to your office efficiently, you can use it in that capacity. But if you want to do calculations and generate your own reports, you can do that, and if you want to do it from start to finish, you have that capability also.”

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