Energy Auditing Software for Medical & Laboratory

Medical buildings and scientific laboratories contribute greatly to the function and progress of our society. But they can also inadvertently cause significant harm to the environment, especially in terms of their energy usage.

These buildings require significant amounts of energy in order to operate. Outdated infrastructure can increase this usage even further, placing unnecessary demands on an already strained energy grid. 

Thankfully, improvements can always be made. An energy audit for your medical building is a good place to start, and EMAT energy auditing software can help!

EMAT Field Auditor was designed by energy engineers for all kinds of industrial buildings, including those in the medical and research industries. Our revolutionary software can provide:

  • Efficient energy audits: Our software uses cloud-based data storage, allowing you to take photos, capture data, and make notes as you survey the building. This saves a lot of time compared to taking and interpreting handwritten notes.
  • Multiple different audit types: Field Auditor can help you complete all three levels of ASHRAE audits. Custom data fields and unlimited customized templates can help with any audit you need.
  • Easy setup: You don’t need to be an expert energy auditor to use Field Auditor. Just select the audit template that fits your needs, opt to customize it with additional fields, and get to work. Field Auditor sends your data to the cloud, organizes it, and prepares it for you to review and export when you’re finished.
  • Experienced customer support: If you need help at any time, our agents offer real-world technical support and friendly customer service every step of the way. We can even conduct the entire audit for you!

Energy Auditing For Medical Buildings or Laboratories With EMAT 

There are many complicated software platforms out there that require hours of training and thousands of dollars in investment. On the other hand, engineers designed EMAT with regular users in mind. Just use one of our pre-loaded templates, collect your data, and finally generate a report. 

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