EMAT leverages cutting-edge mobile and web technology to help auditors and organizations improve their bottom line by spending less time and money conducting energy audits.

Project Descriptions

To provide an example of the savings that are possible by using EMAT to conduct energy audits, two projects that were audited in previous years without EMAT, and then again recently with EMAT, were compared. Both projects involved government facilities that are required to be audited every four years, which allowed for the comparison.

For each project reviewed, the same buildings were audited both times, the building was audited by the same company both times, and the same lead engineer was involved for both audits of the same building. The scope was identical, consisting of an ASHREA Level 2 energy audit. Travel and administrative costs were extracted from the project costs, so the comparisons involved only offsite audit preparation, onsite data collection, and offsite data analysis and report development.

Project 1 involved two logistics centers, which were predominantly warehouse space with some office space, and totaled 730,000 sf. Project 2 involved multi-family buildings operated by a housing agency which totaled 94,000 sf.


The graphs below show the significant savings in both labor hours and cost per sf realized by conducting the same energy audits using EMAT. “Without EMAT” refers to the more traditional pen/pad/drawing/camera methodology of conducting energy audits.

Energy Audit Cost Savings

Project 1: Savings of 78% in total labor hours, and 53% in cost per square foot
Project 2: Savings of 83% in total labor hours, and 51% in cost per square foot 

Savings from using EMAT will vary based on type and complexity of buildings, availability of data, and other factors, but savings of over 50% in both labor and costs for similar audits is not uncommon.

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