K-12 schools are some of the most important buildings in any community. 

In addition to educating future generations, schools also serve as community centers. Other purposes they serve might include voting and polling, seminars, music and theater performances, classes for adults, and acting as an emergency shelter. 

So it makes sense that schools represent the second biggest cut of public infrastructure spending, behind highways. 

Any town or city can reliably lower their carbon footprint by focusing on energy efficiency in these important buildings. Best of all, green upgrades can save the building money and make it healthier overall.

Here are 3 ways schools can promote energy efficiency:

Encourage Green Habits

The easiest way to reduce the energy usage in the school building is to promote green habits in students, staff, and teachers. 

Educate them about how the choices they make impact the environment. This could even be small things like turning off lights when they leave a room, or relying on natural light when the sun is shining. 

In order to get the students and faculty more involved in the cause, the school could host a competition between the grades or against other schools in the district. This is a great way to build green habits city-wide and increase the impact of energy reduction efforts.

Upgrade Outdated Utilities 

Because schools are so integral to the community, they also tend to be some of the oldest buildings in our towns and cities. Therefore they may still be reliant on old, outdated utilities and appliances.

The HVAC system is the most common example of this. Any school still using chlorofluorocarbon chillers should switch over to a more modern and energy-efficient system. 

Insulation is another thing that deteriorates over time and causes the building to use more energy. Replace any old insulation and fix any areas of the building, such as the roof, where heat and cool air may be escaping. 

Finally, consider the lighting. It may be a little pricey to replace all the lights in the building, but using energy efficient bulbs can help save a ton of energy in the long run.

Use Technology to Track Energy Performance

If a school is hoping to promote energy efficiency, the administration needs to set obtainable goals and apply changes to achieve them. But how will they measure their success?

This is where technology and software can help. Apps, programs, and other tech is available to help you monitor energy use. Using this technology, you can also discover holes in your energy efficiency plans and areas that need particular improvement.

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