EMAT Field Auditor is the new standard for energy audit onsite data collection.  But there’s more … oh, so much more.

EMAT Light will be perfect for professionals and companies that focus on lighting projects.  You’ll be able to quickly get through a building, and using your editable catalogue of lighting products, you’ll have a professional, easy-to-understand proposal ready for your client quicker than they can change a light bulb.  And like EMAT Field Auditor, EMAT Light will be available for a competitive monthly license subscription with a modest setup fee and varying payment frequencies.  If you do more than just lighting audits, it gets even better.  EMAT Light’s interface is essentially the same as Field Auditor, so you and your team will be able to easily bounce between lighting, Level 1, Level 2, HVAC, and any other type of audit you need.


Need data analysis and full audit reporting capabilities, including utility data, energy intensity, load profiling, built-in and custom ECMs, photo logs, equipment schedules, and more?  EMAT accomplished this feat with EMAT 1.0, but our customers talked, we listened, and EMAT Analyzer, when combined with EMAT Field Auditor, will be the absolute gold standard for energy auditing software.

EMAT Light and EMAT Analyzer are being developed and will be available in 2019. (If you need data analysis and reporting capabilities now, ask us about EMAT 1.0.)  In the meantime, the below product comparison matrix will give you an idea of what’s coming.

Welcome to the future of energy auditing software. Contact us now to get started.

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