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Energy auditing used to be a time-consuming process. You’d walk through the site with your pencil and paper, hand-drawing diagrams and taking notes. You’d snap a ton of photos with a camera or your phone.

Then, you’d sit down to compile all your findings into a report and struggle to decipher your notes, guess at measurements, or try to remember exactly what you took photos of. You easily spent triple the amount of time compiling the report as you did on-site.

Those days of drawn-out, costly energy auditing are gone.

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With EMAT software, you get mobile-to-cloud data collection and analysis capabilities, meaning you no longer have to figure out if that scribble means something or if it was just a mistake. Photos are automatically tagged during the audit for better clarity.

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Our cutting-edge mobile reporting software is supported by experienced energy engineers. Get answers to your questions from people who truly understand the energy auditing process, not call center representatives.

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