Rapid Data Analysis for Quick Audit Turnaround

One of the things that takes energy auditors days or even weeks is analyzing and compiling all the data collected into a report that can be presented to a client or a boss. Hand-drawn diagrams, indecipherable notes, and data that may not be relevant could slow down the process considerably.

With EMAT Audit Services, you can have support making sense of the data you’ve collected and build a customizable report your client will love.

Are you already collecting data for Property Condition Assessments and now being required to provide energy assessments to supplement your report? You have all the data you need, however, determining what data is meaningful and creating a report may be outside your scope of experience.

EMAT’s skilled energy auditors have conducted dozens of audits for clients of all sizes, and they can help you figure out how to take all that data and turn it into actionable information. If you need help setting up your audit to collect specific data that then feeds directly into a report, our auditors can help you with that. Or, if you want someone to take the data you’ve already collected and turn it into a high quality report, EMAT has you covered.

Get exactly the reporting you need without all the frustration of figuring it out yourself. Our energy auditors can handle some or all of your reporting needs so you get the best report in a fraction of the time.

Need help making sense of the data and getting a concise, actionable report?

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