Advantages of Using EMAT Energy Audit Software

  • EMAT program was designed by energy auditors for energy auditors, so EMAT’s user interface and functionality are built to address the real world challenges energy auditors face.
  • EMAT is backed by a full team of energy engineers (CEM, CEAM) and technology professionals, and their support is included in your EMAT service. Unlimited webinar training is also included.
  • In addition to the clear benefits of tablet-based data collection and cloud-based data storage, EMAT dramatically increases the efficiency of final report generation, and significantly reduces the time and effort required to produce the reports. Custom reports can also be generated.
  • EMAT is flexible; basic customization can be added by the EMAT support team at no additional cost (e.g., new reports, data outputs, data collection fields, ECMs etc.).
  • Custom data exports can be created by the EMAT support team to allow for data transfer and integration to other systems for data modeling and advanced analytics.
  • In addition to supporting your engineers during the complete audit process, EMAT energy engineers are available to augment your auditing team via EMAT Audit Services (EAS). Because you will already be using EMAT as your standard auditing platform and EMAT energy engineers will already be familiar with your auditing environment, they can hit the ground running without the need for training or ramp-up if the need for auditing support arises. And all the data will be collected, analyzed, and stored in your own EMAT database.