EMAT Energy Auditing Features

Energy Audits including commercial lighting audits by EMAT
Key Features

  • Advanced tablet/cloud system leverages modern technology to increase quality and reduce time and costs during the entire audit process
  • Jointly developed by a team of energy engineers with years of energy auditing experience (CEM, CEAM, LEED AP), and IT experts with extensive experience developing complex tablet-based data collection solutions
  • Replaces inefficient paper-based methods of conducting audits
  • Easy to learn and use
  • By eliminating errors, omissions and undecipherable information, and by automating the report production process, EMAT quickly and significantly lowers the cost of conducting audits, speeds up delivery time, and increases quality of client deliverables
  • Overall increases in audit process efficiency of 30-50% can be expected
  • Safe and secure – all data is frequently backed up, synchronized, and securely stored in cloud database

Lighting/Energy Audit Preparation

  • Set up contracts/clients, and access any of them at any time
  • Pre-load EMAT with contracts, sites, buildings, areas, rooms, operating hours, utility data, specific equipment and other relevant information
  • Standard equipment types and lighting and plumbing ECMs are pre-entered for easy selection
  • Setup Audit Final Report template using your own images and text

Lighting/Energy Audit Data Collection

  • Latest Microsoft tablets leverage highly efficient touch-screen interface to increase quality and efficiency of onsite data collection
  • High degree of built-in selection options (e.g., room type, equipment type, ECMs) to prevent data entry errors and speed up the data entry process
  • Data entry options for rooms are dynamically generated based on selected room type and audit area (e.g., lighting, HVAC, envelope, etc.) and can be customized
  • Customizable Site Survey module allows collection of installation-level data such as site electrical distribution components, onsite/backup power generation, and potential for onsite and renewable power sources such as solar and CHP
  • Energy parameters (e.g., operating hours, occupancy rates) can be set at site level and inherited to buildings and rooms, and customized to the room level for accurate energy usage calculations
  • Photos and notes can be taken and permanently connected to rooms or elements
  • Pre-developed lighting and plumbing ECMs instantly available while on site
  • Tablets allow multi-auditor teams to work on different rooms/areas/building, and/or on different audit areas (e.g., lighting, HVAC, envelope, etc.)
  • Data is saved as you go, resulting in unparalleled data safety of audit data; no loss of data in the event of lost or malfunctioning tablet
  • The need for return visits or estimations due to missed data is essentially eliminated

Data Organization, Analysis, and Audit Report Development

  • When data collection is complete, audit reports are already about 70% complete
  • All data relationships are captured and maintained throughout audit process
  • ECM workbooks are integrated into EMAT, making calculations and analysis near-instantaneous
  • ECM calculations include initial investment cost, simple payback period and savings to investment ratios
  • New custom ECMs are automatically captured and made available to new audits
  • Report templates can be customized for each client
  • Each section of the audit report is dynamically generated from the audit data and can be customized
  • Full-featured robust MS-Word and/or PDF reports as well as schedule spreadsheets are auto-generated and managed with version control
  • Full-featured web application allows authorized users to view, export, analyze, and report on audit data anywhere and whenever (even during an audit)

Compare the energy audit process with and without EMAT

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