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Need an energy audit done but don’t have the time, manpower, or knowledge to do it yourself? Is your team able to gather the data, but needs help making sense of all the bits and pieces?

EMAT Audit Services can help.

Whether you need help with all, or just part, of the energy auditing process, our experienced auditors provide you the information you need, exactly how you need it. Get your audits done faster, less expensively, and consistently thanks to our team.

EMAT Audit Services offers:

  • Decreased time and money spent on energy audits while preserving reporting quality.
  • Consistent reporting methodology and formats for multiple audits.
  • On-site training of your energy auditors.
  • Turn-key transition to use of EMAT software, from setup to first report.
  • Flexibility of using our engineers for all or just part of your auditing needs.

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