About EMAT Program

Mobile, Tablet Based Energy Auditing Software

Conducting energy audits is not new. What’s new is the dramatically increasing number of energy audits that need to be conducted, and the resulting need for technology-driven solutions to allow them to be done cost effectively.  Until recently, energy audits were completed using ‘traditional’ methodology.  Paper floor plans, hand-written notes, camera photos – all in separate media that had to be deciphered, organized, and integrated with calculations and analysis into a finished report.  This process is heavily resource intensive and highly prone to human error and data loss, especially if the auditor had been to multiple facilities over an extended period of time.  Deciphering and organizing the many pages of hand-written notes, sketches and drawings, and photos from the site visits is an extremely difficult task that often required returning to the facility (increased cost and reduced margins) or ‘guesstimating’ (reduced report quality).  With the exception of one or two products, application of technology to energy audits consisted primarily of using a laptop or notebook with an Excel spreadsheet.  This was progress, but there was significant room for improvement.

EMAT was developed through a partnership between 270net Technologies and Keres Consulting, Inc., an energy/environmental company headquartered in Albuquerque, NM. The two companies have been working closely together for over 15 years and are located in close proximity in Frederick MD.   The collective capabilities of Keres Consulting, and 270net Technologies, an IT company with significant experience developing tablet-to-cloud systems for government agencies, formed the unique environment required to develop EMAT.

The genesis of EMAT began in 2013.  270net was building tablet-to-cloud data collection, analysis, and reporting systems for government agencies such as National Institutes of Health (NIH), while also providing IT support for the Keres energy management program.  The 270net programmers observed Keres energy engineers returning from audits and dealing with the same problems, unorganized and missing data, data in multiple forms of media, difficult-to-decipher hand-written notes. 270net decided that the same technology could (and should) be applied to the energy auditing process.  Looked at existing offerings the programming team determined that none of the existing energy auditing software was easy enough to use or went far enough into the process.  The programs surveyed only provided data collection (and dump to Excel) which was inefficient and slowed our auditors down while in the field.  They contained no data organization, analysis or reporting capability.  These factors led to the decision to build EMAT and leverage advanced technology to truly make energy auditing more efficient.

And so began the evolution of EMAT.  Product development began in 2013 as Keres energy engineers and 270net programmers researched and mapped out a software development plan addressing the shortcomings of existing energy audit programs.  The collaboration of this team resulted in a prototype that was ready for testing in 2014 when Keres energy engineers began using the tablet based software to conduct energy audits.  By 2015, the prototype became EMAT v1.1 and we began our promotional journey to energy conferences and product licensing became available to the public.

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The EMAT team, with personnel contributed from both companies, includes energy engineers, programmer analysts, project managers, IT infrastructure/security specialists, marketing/business development personnel, website designers, and digital marketers.

EMAT continues to improve and is used by multiple companies and government entities, either by licensing or through EMAT Audit Services.